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Page speed optimization module for Microsoft IIS

Automatic web performance optimization of static files (javascript, css, images) and dynamically generated content.

Powered by the incubating Apache PageSpeed project. Automatically comply with industry standard page speed recommendations. Speed up your web site and boost performance!

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Version history

2022-09-30: maintenance release (minor tweaks)
2022-09-03: maintenance release (stability fixes)
2021-04-01: by popular demand - enable optimization of responses to POST request
2021-01-30: major release, first one based on the Apache incubating code base. Built with a modern compiler toochain, and contains many small enhancements and fixes.
2019-09-01: Stability fixes.
2018-04-12: Stability fixes.
2018-01-31: Stability fixes.
2018-01-18: Upgraded to PageSpeed 1.13.35-stable, added installer.
2017-05-30: 2.0.4 Stability fixes.
2016-03-31: 2.0.3 Stability fixes.
2016-03-31: 2.0.2 Upgraded to PageSpeed Security fixes.
2015-11-17: 2.0.1, Security Update
2015-08-06: 2.0 Upgraded to PageSpeed
2013-09-27: 1.1
2013-06-15: 1.0
2013-06-12: 0.98
2012-12-15: PoC / first alpha

Supported technologies

ASP.NET ASP.NET MVC Classic ASP PHP ColdFusion Plesk Sharepoint ARR
Or any other technology running on Microsoft IIS, really.

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